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Lighthouse - Shelving in Hatchville, MA
Growing up in a large Irish family is full of memories that now in retrospect are comical and enduring, while at the time were just part of our everyday life. Being the last to make it to the table on time, means missed out on Saturday night brown beans, bread, and hot dogs.

Another thing that sticks out in my mind is that I don't recall ever seeing the interior walls of my basement, garage, or actually any space for that matter. Mountains of "stuff" towered over me every time I ventured into these spaces.

The garage was the most humbling because it was packed with debris from 5 generations of family. So when you went to ride your current ratty bike, you grabbed the nearest one before the lava flow of trash smothered you, regardless if it was your younger sister's tricycle.

Thirty years later, I still battle the demon of debris, luckily while I was building retail stores across the country I discovered a storage shelving system, that is not typical "easy to assembly" units, nor is it "erector set" units with particle board.

"The Hampshire" and "Galvanized Steel" shelving products are from the deepest forests of New Hampshire. Both types of shelving assemble in 15 minutes, completely adjustable, accommodate any room dimensions, and can be dismantled in 5 minutes, and be moved to accommodate your new living space.